Monday, May 20, 2013

Its Summer Time

Ok, Yeah, we need to update this more, and we promise to update this more regularly than we have been. Lets get this ball rollin'. Its Time for Loup-Garou News.

Recording Time!

The Summer is upon us and we are hard at work preparing for it! We are less than two weeks away from stepping into the studio! We plan on spending June and July working on our currently unnamed record/ EP and hope to have that out to the masses by the end of the summer. The first song we will be recording will be Navajo. For those of us that joined us at the BMR Jams contest earlier in the spring will recognize it as the song that helped us win some from recording time from Ol' Elegante Studios in the first place. We are all super excited about going in to record and can't wait to hear the finished product. As soon as we know we'll let you know how you can purchase songs/ albums can the old fashioned way or on i-tunes etc. To help cover the cost of producing the album we are planning a fundraiser soon and when we do, we'll let you know how you can help us!

A Change in the line up 

With the summer starting, that means that spring is at an end and the end of spring means the end of an era !
for Loup-Garou. Our Sax player, Albi returned to Germany early in May. We're going to miss him, but at the same time taking this as a chance to update our sound and explore some new directions with our most recent addition to the band, viola player Mollie McFarland. Mollie is a classically trained Viola player who will be bringing a great sound to Loup-Garou and we are super excited to have her on board! You can read more about Mollie coming in to the band, the band's reaction to Albi leaving a review of some of our stuff and more over

Summer Shows

We are still working on finalizing our summer schedule so you can expect one or two more dates to be announced soon, but for now mark your calendars (or bookmark to keep up when/where we are going to be. here is the quick and Dirty Run Down:
5/24: Black Market Bar- 5 Points (with The Clay Connor Band)
6/23: Zydeco- Birmingham (with Oh, Jeremiah)
6/27: Iron City- Birmingham
7/26: TBA*
8/8: Atlanta (TBD)*
8/9 Camp Wigout- Hollis Crossroads, AL (w Linear Downfall, Munook, Eclectic Tuba, Snarky Puppy, Mandi Rae, Opposite Box, The Mad Violist and more!) Tickets on sale at 
9/13: Birmingham (TBD)*

*These Dates are tentative and here just so you know to save the dates if you feel like it. :-)

Band Video time!

This is from our 1 year anniversary show at the Bottle Tree in February. Special thanks to Birmingham Free Press for putting this together for us.

Thats all for now. Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's question and answer time!

It's been a good week in the land of Loup-Garou. We've been working on some new songs, and we'll be playing at least two brand new songs at Our Girls Show on November 3rd!

Now, on to some questions:

Q: I've been seeing some sponsored ads on Facebook, Do you guys have a record deal now or something?

A: HA!.. No.   We are running a  facebook campaign for our Our Big November Show Girls Girls Girls! (which you can learn more about right.... here!:
We are doing some promotion with a Little Town Sound  ( and Dustin Gilmore from will be on hand taking pictures of the bands and the fans. We are thankful the support from them as well as Matthew's Bar and Grill for helping us put together what will be a great show.

Q: I saw a painting/poster/ etc of your band stuff. Who does your artwork?

A: That would be Loup-Garou's own Shawna Ross. With the exception of the poster for the Girls Girls girls Show at Matthew's, Shawna does all of our artwork from the CD designs to the t-shirts.

Q: Where can I get my own Loup-Garou. stuff.

A: The fastest and best way to do it is to simply email us @, or call us at 205-565-7034. You can pay over the phone with credit card or you can go to, if you REALLY want to just order on line. You can also find our shirts, CD's and stickers at all of our shows!

Q: I want a Loup-Garou Hot Air Balloon!

A: That's a question more than a statement but, again give us a call, and We'll do our best to accommodate your request.

Q: Do you do private parties

A: Yep! We do any event where you want live music. We have a limited number of dates left for 2012, so call us for availability . Even if it's a bar mitzvah... Especially if its a bar mitzvah.

Happy Monday~


Band of the Week: Act Of Congress:
This is a local band i just recently discovered. They've been off touring in Asia and just recently returned. I'm hoping to catch them, live some time soon.
Check out:

My Country Tis Of Thee, Fitting considering the ongoing political maelstrom

Paperback Writer: yep that one

So thats it for me Everyone have a great weekend.

Oh Don't Forget! You can Catch me(Jeremy) and Ian on Birmingham Mountain Radio on October 28th! We'll be on giving away some stuff and promoting the upcoming show!

Thanks for being a Loup-Garou fan!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Upcoming Shows!

We've got some upcoming shows in the beginning of November! Be sure to check out the facebook event and let us know you're coming!

November 2nd:

November 3rd:

We're also looking forward to debuting some new songs on both nights. See you there!